About Us

My wife and I love to pick our travel destinations based on restaurants. We truly believe that happiness comes from having memorable experiences in life rather than acquiring material things. What better way to make these experiences last than documenting them on our blog, and hopefully inspiring people along the way to do the same.

We wanted to document our experiences from the perspective of a couple who writes about the emotional response that come from eating at these fine restaurants, not from the perspective of a chef, a food critic, or a restaurant scout. We purely wanted the passion for the experience to come across in the blog, almost from a layman’s perspective.

This is why we took the play on words and mixed the word Panson (Spanish for big bellied one) and fused it with Pasion (Spanish for passion) and turned it into a team endeavor, with the term Los (describing the two of us) and -istas (suffix for one who follows a principle or system of belief). So there you have it, Los Pansionistas!

Our Resume:

Animal 01/24/10,10/20/11, 06/23/12. 12/05/12, 08/03/13
Son of a Gun 03/11
Gjelina 09/23/09

French Laundry 2/25/10 (where I proposed to Erika)

Providence 07/23/10 (our engagement dinner in private room), 6/28/11, 09/15/11, 11/06/11, 09/19/12, 11/06/12, 10/07/13, 11/06/13, 05/19/14, 06/27/14, 10/02/14, 11/06/14, 06/30/15
Racion 09/20/14, 10/12/14
Shiro 03/20/14
Maison Akira 04/01/14
Luminaries Dinner event sponsored by Wally’s Wine 04/29/14, chef from Melisse at Paul Marciano’s House
Republique Burgundy Dinner 04/19/15 Hosted by Wine Hotel
Blue Hill Stone Barns 04/18/15
Bouchon 04/08/11
Le Bec Fin 08/16/11
L’atelier De Joel Robuchon 10/14/12
Ad Hoc 12/24/11, 07/25/14
Mustard’s Grill 07/26/14
The Restaurant at Meadowood 07/26/14
Bistro Jeanty 12/23/11
Joe Beef 03/06/12
Cabane a sucre au pied de cochon 03/04/12
Pujol 08/20/12, 12/27/13
Biko 03/02/13
Le Calandre 04/05/13
Osteria Francescana 04/01/13
Enoteca Pinchiorri 04/04/13
Mesaamerica Conference May 19th 2013
Trois Mec 07/04/13, 10/07/13, 02/24/15
Petit Trois 10/18/14
Eleven Madison Park 08/08/13
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle 08/09/13
Red Medicine 02/25/12, 1/26/13, 03/17/13, 04/23/14, 06/13/14
Al Covo 04/07/13
Al Cavalina Bianco 04/02/13
Da Romano 04/07/13
Alinea 02/04/12
L20 10/31/14
Quintonil 05/22/13
Bestia 06/10/13, 12/04/13
Corazon Del Tierra 06/23/13
Momofuku Saam Bar 08/11/13
Mugaritz 09/25/13
La Vague D’Or 09/28/13
La Truffiere 09/20/13
Azurmendi 09/26/13
Mirazur 09/29/13
Chateau de Rochegude 09/23/13
Maison Troisgros 09/22/13
Cordeillan-Bages 09/25/13
Arpege 09/20/13
L’ambroise 09/21/13
Le Pressoir D’Argent 09/24/13
L’Oustau de Baumanière 09/28/13
L’Osteria Del Becco 12/27/13
Grand Truffle Tasting Dine Around Eugene Oregon 01/24/14
Frantzen 08/29/14
Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen 08/30/14
Paul Bocuse Auberge du Pont de Collonges 09/09/14
Lameloise 09/08/14
Georges Blanc 09/08/14
Fiskebar 09/01/14
Noma 09/02/14 
Geranium 09/03/14
Hertog Jan 09/04/14
Hof Van Cleve 09/05/14 
Not including Japan, we‘ve eaten over 100 Michelin starred meals, some of which I am probably forgetting or have closed since. We‘ve been to Providence at least 12 times. Animal and Red Medicine were pretty frequent too. 

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