Aragawa, best steak house in the world for past 5 years, 2 Michelin stars, Kobe Japan

2015-05-27 12.46.28

Omfg, where do I start? The chilled Chablis was an excellent jumping off point.

2015-05-27 12.52.32

Very simple presentations here. Nothing to marvel at visually but the flavors were all spot-on. Some simple Caprese salad.

2015-05-27 12.54.22

Followed by octopus salad.

2015-05-27 13.06.38

Then, homemade noodles with caviar.

2015-05-27 12.58.43

Then came the amazing sirloin of Sanda beef. Sanda beef is actually better than Kobe beef.

2015-05-27 13.21.32

Omfg, the fat on this was like eating o-toro, fatty tuna.

2015-05-27 13.22.15

Going, going…

2015-05-27 13.29.11


We ended with a bottle of some amazing Morey-Saint Dennis 2007 Burgundy. This was after Suntory whisky distillery tour. First time I got thoroughly drunk on this trip.

2015-05-27 12.57.05

The som who is the brother of the owner only likes California and Burgundy wines. Said that he just had a private wine dinner with the son of the owner of Harlan estates, whose wine club I’m a member of, at the Osaka Ritz. He says that head of Opus One wine comes here once a year for steak. Ranked the best steakhouse in the world for the past five years consecutively.

2015-05-27 13.43.57

Again, very deceivingly simple appearance, the photos do not do this place justice. They don’t have 2 Michelin stars for nothing.

2015-05-27 13.43.50

By the way. The Japanese did not invent cheesecake, but they have mastered it, no one can do it better in my humble opinion.

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