Toriki..1 Michelin Star Yakitori restaurant

Yakitori cooked all by hand where the chef controls the temperature of the coals with a fan that he bats non stop throughout entire dinner.
First up, Chicken breast sashimi, only gently seared, raw on the inside. Don’t worry, salmonella only occurs in packaged US chickens that live in a pool of their own feces with leg sores in poultry prisons like Tyson. These chickens are free range and killed on the spot for yakitori.
This was followed by burnt petite onion with chicken thigh, omg, the juicy/fatty, yet delicate flavor is hard to put in words.
Then some chicken meatballs and baby eggplant (aubergine), wow, like my mom’s fried patlijan (Armenian specialty). I will suggest grilling eggplants from now on to my master griller cousin Aren.
Then grilled fava been pod, chef just just ripped it own like a zipper so we can eat that nutty/smokey nut meat.
For something cold on your tongue to contrast, crispy/sweet snow peas with sesame paste.
Next up, grilled quail egg with grilled chicken gizzards. The orange egg yolk of the quail egg mixed with the gizzards in my mouth, so damn putridly slimy and off putting, I love it! Gandide or vulgar, as Armand would say.
Look at this sea salt he cooks with, from Guerande France.
Ginko nuts and chicken skins. I love chicken skin, and usually eat Erika’s portion when going to Zankou chicken. Imagine the skin of ten chickens folded into an accordion shape and grilled into a fatty conga line of crispy cartilaginous fat bite after bite. I now need Lipitor.
Chicken wings, heavenly, little tasty bones that had delicious red bone marrow in them, just ate the bones whole.
Shiitake mushroom, followed by chicken heart. I love chicken heart, been eating this since age 3. The western world needs to get over its fear of eating organs. Oh well, more for the rest of us.

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