Soba Kanda, oldest soba restaurant in Japan

So we also love cold soba as one of our favorite spots to go in LA at least once a month in Gardena called Otafuku. This place was superb. The buckwheat noodles are packed with health benefits. We love the grainy, nutty smokey aftertaste of buckwheat noodles, they are almost peaty like whiskey. We also had an amazing lighlty tempura’ed eel as well, and this was the perfect mid-day snack. The broth that they give you to drink is the liquid they cook the noodles in and it is so milky and silky with a glycerin like mouth feel. So simple in the ingredients, yet packed with umami, healthy, and satisfying. This is one of the few ‘light meals’ that leaves your taste buds fully saturated with flavor, and not leaving feeling stuffed and disgusting. We found this place with the help of Time Out magazine with April special on Tokyo.

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