Antica Dolceria Bonajuto in Modica Sicily

This place is the location for having the best chocolate in Sicily. Modica is known as Chocolate City, and this place is the mecca within Modica. Not enough of an attraction on its own to come all the way out here, but this was part of our van tour starting in Ortigia to Noto, to Modica, to Ragusa, and then back to Ortigia. Had I planned it better, I would have had the van drive us to Licata after Ragusa to save us the drive the next day. Licata is where La Madia is, which I will get to in the next few posts.

So before I go on, throughout the trip we kept seeing these ceramic heads that looked like the Chiquita banana lady. Apparently, they are typical of this region, and I was tempted to buy one in Catania, but I was glad Erika told me to wait. We came across literally The Best place to buy these heads in the entire country. Totally hidden, and somehow, in my drunken stupor, as I was looking out the window of the van, as we drove into Modica, this storefront caught my eye. I had the driver turn around, and upon entering, we were like kids in a candy store. We carried these two head back by hand.

2017-06-15 17.39.20

Finally another guy with a crazy mustache. How could I not take this home?

2017-06-15 17.32.15

What a true artisan. This designer is apparently sought after by everyone in the world who collects these heads. He apparently designed the heads to be displayed on the runway for Dolce and Gabanna. His work is highlighted in numerous magazines. Totally different from some of the tourist crap, poor quality imitations we saw at the tourist stands. I will not only include their business card but their address, as this guy deserves to sell his heads at a premium.

2017-06-15 17.38.42


2017-06-15 17.25.37

2017-06-15 17.33.56

2017-06-15 17.38.40

2017-06-15 17.32.12

2017-06-15 17.39.00

Erika having chest pain at how much money I am about to spend on these things. All joking aside, they were quite a good deal. I can’t remember exactly but I think they were just over a thousand for each medium sized head. Totally worth it for the uniqueness and craftsmanship.

2017-06-15 17.33.53

2017-06-15 17.25.32

Look at this Monica Belluci looking, Italian model, he uses for his heads. She is Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the hot Bond Villian in The World is Not Enough.


2017-06-15 17.26.24

Now for some Chocolate City binging.

2017-06-15 17.54.30

2017-06-15 17.54.22

Mr. Bonajuto looks like my friend Armand. Shout out to the Jerry. Erika and I could not stop laughing at the resemblance.

2017-06-15 17.55.49

Apparently, this little chachkie demonstrates the cold-press technique they borrowed from the Aztecs. Here is their website, they ship internationally. I’m not even getting royalties from this place. I just want them to prosper so I can always come back for more.

What a cute, cozy little place. What an amazing crystal decanter. Gives ‘off with her head’ a new meaning.

2017-06-15 18.12.58

2017-06-15 17.59.50

2017-06-15 17.59.11

Look at the 100% cacao, some serious single origin stuff here. One of the most unique things we saw here was milk chocolate made from donkey milk.

Oh ya, we brought back bricks of this stuff. I still have some in my fridge, which I’m not even sure I can still eat, as this stuff had no preservatives in it. Besides the chocolate, people come from all over for their cannoli. OMFG!

Look at this lovely Nonni serving us this handmade miracle. I am salivating just remembering this.

She was so cute!

2017-06-15 18.23.03

Again, trying to pace ourselves for dinner became an increasingly difficult task. Erika and I had to share one. I totally regretted this decision and went back to get another one.

2017-06-15 18.24.32

Wow, you can tell by the look on my face.

2017-06-15 18.24.39

Shameless cannoli selfies.

2017-06-15 18.25.17

Side entrance, as I stand there eating my second cannoli, the sign says, “Oldest chocolate factory in Sicily.” Six generations of using the same technique. Only ground cacao, cornstarch to thicken, and whatever flavor profile they sell, such as cinnamon, hazelnut, etc.

2017-06-15 18.25.50

This was such a great town to walk around in. Nick nack bonanza.

2017-06-15 18.55.11 (1)

2017-06-15 18.36.01

Normally, I don’t post sightseeing pics as I detest this kind of display of amateur tourism, but at this point, we were so chocolate buzzed out of our minds, well lubricated with alcohol and high on sugar from Cafe Sicilia, that I could not resist. We had to walk it off before crashing in the van on the way to dinner. What an amazingly pristine and beautiful town. The architecture was so pleasing to the eye, the color palette, everything. It was not even touristic at all, some people spoke no English. It has yet to be ruined, but since this Netflix show came out about Cafe Sicilia, the surrounding towns will soon experience a boon of tourism.

2017-06-15 18.33.31-1

2017-06-15 18.41.50

I love this peach with the green color combo. Erika with her citrus Dolce and Gabanna jumper blends right in.

2017-06-15 18.42.29

What a rustic facade, look at the wrought iron and frescos. Wow, overwhelmed with architectural eye candy. Again, Sicily, totally underrated travel destination.

2017-06-15 18.43.00

2017-06-15 19.05.26

2017-06-15 19.07.57

2017-06-15 19.17.47

2017-06-15 19.27.30 HDR

2017-06-15 19.25.03

This is the last image I remember before passing out and waking up in Ragusa for dinner. Again, I cannot stress how ‘choice’ of a method of transport it is to rent a van like this for a non-stop tour from point A to B, you will not regret it, it just makes so much sense as the cost is also absorbed by splitting with 2-3 couples.

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