Le Dôme… Michelin/Bourdain- recommended seafood, Paris

So sad that Anthony Bourdain is gone. We really came here as a tribute to him. I remember seeing his episode on this place many years ago, and he was like an apostle preaching the Gospel on the beauty of simplicity and freshness, done right, no bullshit, the no non-sense French seafood tower. Here is a brief editorial about one of the only places Anthony Bourdain says that you cannot miss in Paris.


Here is the Layover Episode where he gives his famous rant about needing to come to Le Dome. It’s towards the end of this episode.

Though we wanted BOTH the seafood tower and the Bouillabaisse, we were instructed that this would be suicide, as it is just way too much food. I thought to myself, “WTF? It’s just seafood.” Oh, boy was I wrong. This was the best Bouillabaisse we’ve ever had. Most restaurants just make Bouillabaisse to hide how old their fish is. Not here, it’s made fresh, and unbelievably satisfying.

2018-07-01 19.45.59

2018-07-01 19.47.26

Some very nice smoked salmon to start with our Chablis.

2018-07-01 20.00.25

We still got the seafood tower and the Bouillabaisse, fuck it. You only live once.

2018-07-01 20.09.04

That my friend is all the fish that comes with the Bouillabaisse. You better come with an empty stomach.

2018-07-01 20.48.14

Look how pretty that layout is. It’s not just one fish, but like 5 varieties. Scalloped potatoes in the middle. You can see the percentage of fish to sauce here, it’s quite generous.

2018-07-01 20.52.32

2018-07-01 20.52.38

OMG, that bisque was to die for!

2018-07-01 20.48.15

The only annoying thing there were the other Americans.

2018-07-01 20.52.29

I couldn’t hear myself think with this stupid college-aged American liberal chick behind me arguing with her equally stupid, conservative Trump-supporting brother about politics behind me. It was like being in a sitcom with Malerie and Alex P. Keaton.

I did not come all the way to Paris to hear these two fucks yelling at eat other. Not only them but these other three women from the South who were arguing about how the Republican party and how it is not the one they identify with post-Trump. Shoot me, please.

2018-07-01 21.58.08

Walking home until the sunset the burn off the calories. All the buildings in the area were like this. Lovely wind-down of our France trip. Only two more restaurants to go before it is all over. So sad.





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