Palermo street food

Photo Jun 16, 8 59 06 AM

After leaving La Madia we drove straight to Palermo, where we ended our trip that weekend. We were tired after the massive lunch so I anticipated this and did not book a dinner that night that we would have to rush to, so we left it open to explore the town.

2017-06-16 21.17.45

No Michelin here. Just straight up binge eating.

2017-06-16 21.19.34

Look at that steamed octopus.

2017-06-16 21.17.55

2017-06-16 21.18.55

Oh ya, look at that Italian sausage. Salsiccia.

2017-06-16 21.19.14

Here we are driving around in bicycle cart.

2017-06-16 21.39.31

2017-06-16 21.35.54

A nighttime tour of Palermo.

2017-06-16 21.44.30

2017-06-16 21.45.40

The Moorish influence here is amazing. Looked like the Alhambra in Spain.

2017-06-16 21.46.51

2017-06-16 21.47.21

Look at how tight this guy’s jeans are. Holy fuck. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Major rippage.

2017-06-16 22.10.45

2017-06-16 22.34.08

2017-06-16 22.35.45

My cousin getting two more sausage sandwiches. Seafood grilled on demand.


2017-06-16 22.50.19

Do yourself a favor and just walk around one night, don’t make plans, drink beer from the first stand you see, get grilled street food, get a bicycle tour, experience the people and soak in the culture, make Anthony Bourdain proud. Talk about culture, check out how animate this guy is, love the talking hands.

Every cab driver, bicycle driver here is out of control friendly. They start singing in the car, playing videos on their phone, inviting you to a full-blown karaoke show. Don’t think that I only go to or post Michelin star restaurants here. There is a time and a place for everything. Today, it was time for Mambo Italiano!

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